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Testimonials: Testimonials

I had the pleasure of being a client of Jennifer’s while I was going through a pretty rough time in my life. I had just barely started to unpack a lot of trauma and she held so much loving space for the chaos I was in. Her treatments were always very nourishing, I consistently left feeling more centered, more at ease, and more hopeful that I could keep on my path. She also made some incredibly important recommendations for things that are still a part of my healing path. I really appreciated the depth of her presence and the kindness and compassion that was always in her eyes. I would most definitely recommend working with Jennifer to support you in healing and deepening on your path.


I went to Jennifer as a fidgety skeptic upon a recommendation and I am very grateful that I did. She not only has helped improve and manage my neuropathy but my life-long migraines decreased from several per month to only several over the course of the year after I began working with her. Added and unexpected bonuses included experiencing an increased sense of relaxation and calmness with each session which has carried over to my hectic everyday and professional life. I even had a colleague ask if I was "on something" when I was remaining calm in an escalating stressful work situation after beginning my work with Jennifer!

Jennifer has excellent interpersonal skills and clinical acumen. She is exceptionally easy to speak with and artfully balances her warm and engaging personality while gathering clinical information. Notably, she is also able to add appropriate humor when the situation calls for it. She readily makes you feel comfortable and is an excellent listener while also creating a safe and welcoming experience.

I strongly, whole heartedly, and without reservation recommend Jennifer to anyone contemplating pursuing acupuncture. I also recommend her to those who may not realize the various ways in which acupuncture may help improve the quality of their lives.

Male, Boulder

I have suffered from severe depression and intense social anxiety for over 50 years.  Over the decades I tried a wide range of medications and a variety of therapies, but I was not having success resolving these issues. It felt like my brain was resisting both medication and therapy.   Although I was skeptical, I signed up to work with Jennifer.

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but Classical Five-Element Acupuncture literally saved my life.  After two appointments, the nightmares I had been having almost every night for two years stopped. Over time, with regular treatments, I have found significant relief from the crippling depression, PTSD, and anxiety.  Also, for the first time in my life, I have been able to benefit from therapy and I am weaning off my anti-depressant medication.

The great thing about the Classical Five-Element approach to acupuncture, is that it supports the entire body.  While I began treatment for mental health issues, I no longer have the sciatic pain I experienced for decades, I am virtually free from migraines, my GI tract is less irritable, and I am sleeping better than at any other time in my life. I continue to be amazed at the difference Classical Five-Element Acupuncture makes to both my mental and physical health. 

I chose to begin receiving care from Jennifer because of her professional background.  I was primarily seeking support for mental health issues, so I was drawn to the fact that Jennifer had experience as a licensed therapist and would truly understand what my struggles were and what support I would need through treatments.

I continue to receive care from Jennifer because in addition to her background in the mental health field, she is a powerful practitioner and a wonderful person. Jennifer is warm, thoughtful, caring, and one of the kindest people I have ever met.  Laying down on a table is a vulnerable place to be. Yet, from my first session with Jennifer, I never felt vulnerable nor uncomfortable.  Jennifer creates a warm, yet professional healing environment that puts clients at ease. 

When I hear that a friend or colleague is seeking support for almost any issue, I recommend they try Classical Five-Element Acupuncture in general, and I suggest that they see Jennifer as their practitioner. I know from experience they will be helped by the modality, and they will receive the best possible care available from Jennifer.


I started getting treatments due to knee pain. The clinic has a great atmosphere, and the practitioner is very intuitive and powerful treatments. The treatments helped my pain go away and I was able to run and play soccer again.  The treatments also helped with some depression and stress I was dealing with. I always left feeling relaxed with more energy.

I highly recommend the Classical Five-Element Acupuncture treatments for sport injury, depression, stress, pain, mind, body and spirit health.

Jennifer has wonderful energy and is very professional. I have been a client for almost three years. She is a good listener and is very careful when treating you. Her work helped release pain, and prevent future injury. Jennifer has the passion and knowledge to really make a difference for you, mind, body and spirit! I highly recommend Jennifer!

"Grateful" 40 year-old

When my counselor suggested that Jennifer was a healer, and it would really help my work in managing stress, depression, and learning how to stay balanced in such a demanding world, I figured that I had nothing to lose. I was also looking for an alternative to taking prescription antidepressants.  Getting treatments from Jennifer has become the best gift that I can give myself.  When I began this journey, I had no idea that I could feel grounded, calm and peaceful in our ever increasing stressful society.  With continued acupuncture treatments, I am able to stay in balance and enjoy more of everyday life instead of getting all wrapped up in the negative influences.

After receiving treatments from Jennifer for a year, I will agree that she is a healer, and acupuncture has saved me. I feel better now, after a year of acupuncture, than I did after six years of taking antidepressants.  Treatments now are like preventative care! I can’t imagine my life without them. 

Teacher, female

Anxiety makes new situations fearful and a seemingly endless mountain to climb. I sought treatment to calm anxious tendencies that have affected my everyday life.  I do not believe in taking a pill to solve my issues, so I was referred by a family member to try a natural holistic approach.  Of course, I was hesitant with going through with a form of medicinal practice that I had not heard about.  However, after my first appointment with Jennifer, I felt at ease immediately.  Jennifer can be described in one word: personable. She treats each patient as a person and not as a client.

After working with other acupuncturists, I have yet to experience the professionalism, fortitude and expressive qualities that she brings to the table.  She has shown repeatedly a sense of direction for treatment.  She is a sounding board and has consistently shown empathetic qualities that a patient, who suffers from a multitude of ailments, is looking for in a professional in their field.  Her work is honorable AND admirable.  

Her professionalism toward her craft is commendable and she is an open book to all questions and thoughts.  Jennifer not only makes me feel safe, but her reassurance is positive and thoughtful.  A lot of positive changes have occurred after the first several sessions and this has greatly affected my position on life and overcoming obstacles.  I have continued seeing Jennifer on a consistent basis because the progress I have made has been a journey for both of us.  I would recommend Jennifer for personal treatment.  She is wonderful person, friend and has helped me be a better person.  She truly has assisted in turning my life around and is an integral part of my continued recovery.


I had frequent headaches, anxiety, and restlessness.  After going through the treatment, my symptoms started improving. I was feeling more relaxed, more connected with my body and a feeling of calmness.  I started enjoying my life more and more.  It was great working with Jennifer. She listened to me very patiently and I felt great trust sharing everything with her. She has great patience and is very respectful and knows her work very well.


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