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Acupuncture FAQ: FAQ

What's different about Classical Five-Element Acupuncture (CF-EA)?

Most people are surprised to learn that Classical Five-Element Acupuncturists do not generally leave needles placed in the body for a period of time and also do not leave the room during a treatment.  Needling technique, the application of the herb moxa (artemesia plant), and time spent with each person tend to set our identity apart from other acupuncture styles. CF-EA is rooted in some of the earliest classics of Chinese Medicine as a whole.  It honors the values of a time when all life and the world were held with great respect and understanding, when Nature led the teachings and the example for how to conduct our lives. 

Other more recognized styles of acupuncture work to diagnose the underlying Chinese medical patterns that correlate to the symptoms of the patient.  While we certainly want to know and do gather symptom information to inform our decision-making, Classical Five-Element Acupuncture focuses on diagnosing the underlying and prevailing cause that creates the symptoms and diseases in the first place.  We aim to correct the core imbalance that leads to disease processes, which also makes it an excellent form of preventive medicine.  In doing so, each treatment cumulatively fortifies one's inherent ability to heal on all levels.  Because this style of acupuncture can never separate a person into 'parts', treatment addresses all aspects of a person at once.  Because of this, patients time and time again report additional, unexpected benefits that make their lives better physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.        

What can I expect after I set up my first acupuncture appointment?

Every first acupuncture appointment begins with an Initial Intake.  At this intake, we will meet together to go over your health history and a review of systems from a body-mind-spirit perspective.  You will get to establish the main reasons you are coming in for treatment in greater detail than our phone meeting.  There will also be a physical exam in which I assess your structure and energy followed by your first treatment. ​

When appropriate, Jennifer will include the use of moxa in your treatments. Moxibustion is a supportive part of treatment in which moxa cones are placed upon the acupuncture point and burned just enough to bring warmth to the area.  Moxa is an herb from the artemesia plant that warms the point to activate the Qi (energy) before needling.  

Follow-up treatments are very important in order to allow your energy to be strengthened to attain balance and benefits.   Each treatment has a cumulative effect and builds upon the others.  

How often do acupuncture treatments need to be in order to be effective?

At first when you begin acupuncture, your treatments should be on a weekly basis in order to give the treatments time to build up your Qi/energy.  Once, we together are able to see beneficial results of your energy holding stronger on its own, we space treatment out to once every two weeks, then again to monthly, or even seasonally.   

Acupuncture treatments can be thought of as a special therapy in which we are re-familiarizing your energy system with what Balance is.  Balance represents Harmony and Health and includes improved immune response, ease and contentedness, inner sturdiness, and proper biological function.  The fact is that we all fall out of balance as a matter of being alive and subject to life's stressors.  Acupuncture has a way of showing your body's energy how to maintain that balance on its own over time.  This is a type of learning process for your body-mind-spirit system, thus making regular appointments important in the beginning. 

Do you prescribe herbs?

No.  This is because the focus is on treating the root cause  which creates symptoms, rather than on the symptoms themselves.  Other acupuncturists who do prescribe Chinese herbs are using them to treat the patterns they diagnose that correlate with certain symptoms.  Classical Five-Element Acupuncturists understand that when you treat the root of what leads to illness, then the symptoms will unravel.  Further, when the symptoms are the main focus of treatment, there is a tendency for them to resurface at a later time.   

Oftentimes, Jennifer finds that people are relieved to discover they won't be asked or expected to take another pill or herb.  Sometimes, it makes sense for someone to take a medication or supplement to feel better as they are healing as a way of supporting the process.  All medications, herbs, and supplements should be discussed during the initial intake with Jennifer or as they are added into a health regimen. 

Can Classical Five-Element Acupuncture help with my ________??

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture improves how your body's organs and systems communicate in order to function cooperatively.  This cooperation within the body is nature at its best.  This balance allows your own body’s wisdom to heal itself at its own time and pace. 

While Qi Cottage cannot guarantee the same results for any person or condition, the following is a partial list of conditions Jennifer has personally treated.  We decided to share this information here to provide a sense of the ability that acupuncture has to reach a variety of ailments.  Please bear in mind that the body has an amazing wisdom to heal!  Should your condition not be listed, it does not mean it cannot be helped.  Get in touch to find out more!


Sciatic Pain
Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain

Muscle Tension
Anxiety Disorders
Peripheral Neuropathy 
Surgical Recovery
Mitral Valve Prolapse
Multiple Sclerosis
Menopausal symptoms
Menstrual symptoms incl PMS

GastroIntestinal Disorders

 (unspecified, Celiac dz, Crohn’s dz)

Other benefits received:

Stress Management
Improved Immune Response
Restful Sleep
Improved Mood
Elimination/Reduction of Medications
Improved Digestion & Elimination
Better Hormonal Balance
Better Communication Ability 
Stronger Connection and Intimacy
Reconnection to Creativity
Return of Life-enhancing Interests & Hobbies

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