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Jennifer's Story

Qi Cottage Acupuncture & Well-Being Services, LLC is owned and operated by Jennifer Nuncio. Jennifer’s journey in the healing professions started early in life from a seed of passion. She knew from a young age that she desired to be of service to others in a personal and profound way. Understanding her strength as a listener, Jennifer began her work as a counselor starting in 1997. She earned her master’s degree in counseling in 2002 and from there helped others in this role across varied settings.  She has shared her skills for listening and guiding others professionally for over twenty years.

In 2008, she began studying nature-based healing traditions in service to her intuition and curiosity to find healing methods that could reach at a greater depth than psychotherapy alone. In 2009, she was miraculously guided into the rich and diverse world of Curanderismo, the traditional medicine of MesoAmerica and the southwestern United States. Jennifer studied with mentors from these traditions for several years, which included offering treatments in different states and across different settings. In her mentorship, she was for the first time experiencing the ever-abundant, generous, and deeply nourishing value of Nature’s medicine.  She was also discovering a synchrony with her young heart’s yearning to be of service in that profound way she earlier imagined.  Over the course of this period of time, she concurrently learned Reiki receiving the attunements and providing Reiki treatments as community service.  She proceeded to earn her Reiki Master Teacher level of training.  Reiki and the ways of curanderismo helped her to extend beyond the sense of helping to move into a space of healing. 

Fueled by the passion of her then recent discoveries and a still-curious hunger that urged her towards further expansion and refinement, Jennifer’s studies next led her to the ancient practice of acupuncture. She of course had choices about the type of acupuncture style to incorporate into her skill set (indeed, several types exist). After careful research and consideration of this, in 2013 she enrolled in the study of her second master’s degree program, Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. Jennifer selected this style of acupuncture for its foundation in treating the root cause of disease (beyond symptom-focus), and because it treats holistically, Body-Mind-Spirit, so powerfully and so equally at all times. She experienced for herself the significant improvement in her own well-being that hadn’t been touched in the same way by any other style or modality.

Jennifer rejoices in being able to offer these services to others and to further these ancient traditions as living medicine.  She has the great pleasure and honor of celebrating the profound changes that take place in the lives and hearts of those she serves. 

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