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Qi Cottage Acupuncture & Well-Being Services

Hello & Welcome!

I'm so glad you're in search of something better for yourself!  Accept my invitation to take a look around and let's talk soon! I'd love to hear your story and answer any questions. 

~ Warmly, Jennifer

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Wild Path

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture

Beyond Symptom Relief

Can acupuncture help with my symptoms of....??  My aim is to help restore balance within allowing Nature to be revitalized so that it may guide the healing process. Exploring beyond symptoms, this style of acupuncture treats the root cause of imbalance or disease.  When the root cause is addressed, health can be attained allowing illness and symptoms of any nature to regress.  I take time to understand you at each meeting to craft a unique treatment most fitting for you.  Lifestyle recommendations and coaching are woven in as applicable at each visit.

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Well-Being Counseling

Supporting Your Greatness

Counseling sessions are offered as a means to support you through the challenges that impede your sense of living well.  Together, we will lay a foundation of mutual understanding, develop a path out of the woods, and learn how to walk this path in a different more empowered way.  I work with people who are grappling with anxiety, going through challenging life transitions, experiencing grief and loss, moving through identity or spiritual crisis, feeling down or lost.  These issues may include insomnia, tension and pain, panic attacks, appetite changes, absent mindedness, low motivation, and worry.


AcuDetox Ear Acupuncture

Calming & Uplifting

This is a simple yet powerful ear acupuncture protocol using five tiny needles in each ear. It calms and regulates the nervous system to provide relaxation throughout and provides a detox for the mind-body-spirit. A modern acupuncture protocol developed to aid in certain modern day problems, it has shown wonderful success when combined with other therapies for those struggling with sleep problems, anxiety, chronic or acute stress, post-traumatic stress, addictions, and pain.

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Intuitive Indigenous Body Work

Hands & Heart of Mexhika Traditions

Shamanic in nature and utilizing energy of the natural elements, no one session is ever the same. I will speak with you about your intention for the session and allow myself to be guided in service to you. These sessions can include the use of touch, stones, resins, herbs, incense, flowers, plants, sound tools (rattles, drums, voice, etc), oils, or scents.  Please advise if you are allergic or adverse to the use of any one or more of these so that the session can be tailored to suit your needs.  

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Reiki Sessions

Refresh.  Realign.  Rejuvenate.

Reiki is well-known to be a gentle modality that helps to create balance in the energetic level of one's Being. The Sanskrit word chakra refers to 'wheel' or 'disc of energy' which are power centers in the body.  Reiki is the Japanese word referring to Universal Life Force.  There are seven main chakras each having their own special properties that become realigned and strengthened through this session.  It is also known to be beneficial during a healing process and to manage pain associated with stress/tension.  Clients remain clothed during light touch upon the chakras of the body.

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Limpia Cleansings

Get Energetically Reset

Ever feel out of sorts, not quite right, but can't figure out why?  Can't shake a jarring event or interaction? Limpias in curanderismo are energetic cleansings.  Our walk through this world can leave us feeling off balance, and limpias can be useful in releasing any energies that do not serve you.  Using similar nature-based tools as described in the Indigenous Body Work sessions, the goal is to cleanse you from the weight of what is not yours so you may be realigned with your sense of well-being.  

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Needle-less Acupuncture

for those who won't go there otherwise....

Thanks to my background and training with energy medicine, I can offer with confidence some of the same benefits of acupuncture through other means.  Moving the energy/Qi will be accomplished with the use of moxa and an acupressure tool, stones/crystals, essential oils, and/or energetic touch. Treatment will otherwise be identical to the Classical Five-Element treatments described above.

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....and what is Qi anyways?

Qi (pronounced chee) is an elusive concept describing the mysteries of Life force energy.  It generally refers to many aspects and to One, to the pulse of life within all the universe or to a singular aspect of existence.  Qi includes the flow of yin and yang, the dance of sun and moon, that which is within and without.  Qi Cottage welcomes you to have a closer experience of its enigmatic power together!

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